Kids at the Beach


Being a parent influences every decision I make in my professional and personal life. It is the most important and rewarding job I have ever had.



From 2008-2015, I worked as an independent birth and postpartum doula, childbirth educator and birth assistant in the Kansas City area. My trauma-informed perspective comes directly from these experiences.

band leader

Back in the aughts, I was the lead singer in a band. I was managing complex projects, events, and experiences long before I did it in my day job regularly.

my approach

I embody a lot of identities in my life because I am an incredibly curious person. What does all this have to do with learning experience consulting?

Every moment of our lives impacts how we learn about and view the world. We do not learn in a bubble and your learners embody a multitude of identities as well. I help organizations move away from the one-and-done mentality of training and instead towards a place of holistic learning experience strategy that supports them, their learners, and their broader community through trauma-informed practices. I believe I have a responsibility to reduce any harm that could be caused by inefficient training processes, outdated leadership models, and structural inequities that directly affect a learner’s experience.

highlights about tara

systems thinker

You name it, I've probably worked in that business unit over the years. This is what makes me uniquely qualified to consult on learning strategies and ecosystems. I can easily speak the languages of L&D, HR, IT, Governance, Finance, Marketing, and Operations.

industry agnostic

I started my career in food and retail services but have worked in or developed learning experiences for a number of other industries. These include the healthcare, banking, manufacturing, advertising, hospitality, pharmaceutical, nonprofit, employment law, broadcasting, insurance, and automotive industries.

servant leader

I have a strong foundation in servant leadership as I have been mentored by some pretty amazing individuals in both my L&D and doula careers. I have helped develop world-class leadership programs, utilizing the newest behavioral science research and trauma-informed practices.