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Let's take your current idea or program and turn it into something beautiful, inclusive, and measurable!

Tara Stratton, CPTD

learning experience consultant

My experience spans over 15 years, from teaching in the moment in operating rooms to developing dynamic leadership programs for Fortune 500 organizations.

I help you breathe life into your learning experiences, so they are engaging AND behavior changing. We don’t just talk design, we delve into strategy, planning, execution, and measurement. 

Tara Stratton - Photographer

holistic learning services

social learning strategy

One-and-done courses and learning experiences are truly done. Let's build something new!

community experience design

Facilitating communities of learners takes a unique skill set that I'm happy to provide!

learning operations consulting

Whether you are just starting or need help strategizing the next few years, I can help!

move from vanity to real business metrics

Would you like to have more than feedback surveys and completion rates to measure your learning programs? Let me help you include analysis from performance reviews, employee productivity, employee retention, workforce skills gaps, and other set organizational goals to create human-centric workplaces. 

Yes! Data can do that!


“I'm really grateful I could lean on her in a super crazy busy few days, while I was also dealing with upheaval and changes in another major program. She is a rockstar!”
Account Manager
SaaS Industry
“We were moving at superspeed and not only did Tara meet all our expectations she exceeded them. It's because of her that we were able to launch on time and to great success.”
Leadership Development Director
Hospitality Industry
“Tara gave help, guidance and patience as we kept throwing different things at her and yet she kept the boat afloat and we crossed the finish line on time with a great product.”
Leadership Development Manager
Manufacturing Industry

transformative learning is possible

Let’s partner up on all the initiatives you dream of. We can do the hard things together!

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